I'm Gabbe. Brazilian. I love emos, scene kids and every kind of people that have a different style. I love Pewdiepie (yeah, I'm a bro). I love post-hardcore, heavy metal, metalcore and rock n' roll. My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold. I love Batman (call me "Batgirl"). Bruce Wayne is my husband <3


Marzia: Things made with flour. Cake

Felix: Plastic

Marzia: Try. Harder.

Felix: OH, FLOUR. I thought you meant flowers *pronounces flour differently*... Uhh, Cakes

Marzia: I said cakes

Felix: No I said cakes

Marzia: Cupcakes

Felix: That's cakes

Marzia: Stop it

Felix: Bread

Marzia: Donuts


Marzia: STOP!